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Our Mad Red Blood LIGHT has been designed with the same formulation as Mad Black Blood. 

Mad Red Blood is a versatile product, thanks to its glossy and super smooth texture, it allows you to use it for many tricks and cosplay. 
It can be applied directly on prostheses or masks without damaging them, it is a safe product on the whole body.
It is non-drying, non-staining, non-sticky, and can be removed with soap and water, or make-up remover.

Its intense color never changes in photos and videos, and is highly realistic.


Its aroma? Arctic .... a delicate taste of fresh mint! You can mix a few drops of MAD BLACK Blood , to intensify the red color of MAD RED to your liking!


You can find it in different formats, 40g  - 120g  - 300g.


We thank our Vampire Maurizio Manfellotti  for using Mad Red Blood LIGHT in the official spot!


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