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Sou lenses Sharingan Yellow , are soft, comfortable and absolutely INDICATED contact lenses for cosplay  inspire you to  characters from NARUTO! 

They have a medium / good coverage, on any eye color.  

Wearable for several consecutive hours, we recommend that you moisturize your eyes often, according to your needs.

For more sensitive eyes we recommend a maximum use of 6 hours. 



  • Color: yellow / black
  • Diameter `` DIA '': 14.2mm
  • Curvature '' BC '': 8.6mm
  • Duration: 12 months
  • Without diopters
  • Material: HEMA hydrogel
  • Water content: 40% 
  • Box contents: pair of sterile soft contact lenses, lens holder, mini suction cup and tweezers. 


NB:  contact lenses, after opening,  they must be kept in the appropriate single solution.

Sharingan Yellow

VAT Included
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