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Sou lenses White Blind , are soft, comfortable and versatile contact lenses, completely white `` like blind eye ''. 

Do they have excellent coverage, on any eye color, its visibility? They are lenses that completely cover the iris and pupil, unlike the WHITE NET (retina), they have very little visibility, almost nothing, so our advice? They are perfect if used for photo shoots, or combined with another contact lens, for example: the left eye with the White Blind, and the right eye with another non-blind lens! Result? PHENOMENAL!!!!!!!!!!! And guaranteed visibility (from one eye: P)

Wearable for several consecutive hours, we recommend that you moisturize your eyes often, according to your needs.

For more sensitive eyes we recommend a maximum use of 6 hours. 



  • White color
  • Diameter `` DIA '': 14.2mm
  • Curvature '' BC '': 8.6mm
  • Duration: 12 months
  • Without diopters
  • Material: HEMA hydrogel
  • Water content: 40% 
  • Box contents: pair of sterile soft contact lenses, lens holder, mini suction cup and tweezers. 


NB:  contact lenses, after opening,  they must be kept in the appropriate single solution.

White Blind

VAT Included
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